the story

PM_HOSPITALI didn’t want to conform. I didn’t want to become a stereotype. And after the hardship and pains of labor and delivery had ruined my looks, I didn’t want my picture taken without my makeup and sunglasses!

I have never been like most other girls. As a child, my numerous Barbie’s dated GI Joe’s, not cheesy, greasy Ken. As an adult, I can’t live without my heels, yet would rather get punched than watch a chick flick (give me guns, motorcycles and vigilante Charles Bronson!). So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I had a severe phobia of pregnancy, labor and delivery since I was a young teenager.

But I fell in love. The moment I heard the heartbeat during that first ultrasound, and the first time I felt the butterfly movement inside my womb, I knew I was a goner. My husband will always be the love of my life, but my bébé is the prince that I’ve been daydreaming of while waiting patiently.

So here is the story of my petite vie with my bébé, my smiling prince…written and lived in my own eccentric way.

/ phyliss michelle

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